Ordering Name Badges and/or Office Name Plates

Updated 8/21/2015

Westmont name badges or office name plates can be ordered from our approved source by submitting the following request form. Please confirm your supervisor's approval before placing an order.

When you log in with your Westmont ID and password (same as email), the form will auto-complete with your name and title as a convenience; however, please confirm everything is correct and edit as necessary. Especially if you've had a recent change of position/title, your old information may still pull up in the system. Please use your official title as designated by Human Resources. If you are completing the form for another employee, please confirm the correct title.

Your name badge will be delivered to you, usually via inside mail.

If a title or department are not approporiate and you want nothing added after the name, the web form requires an entry, so please fill in with" NO TITLE.".

If you are a Westmont alum, please sure to add your graduation year. That part of the form does not auto-complete.

Once the order is placed, you will receive an initial auto-reply email confirming the details of what was requested. The order then goes into an accumulation file until we have the minimum quantity to order. When we place the order with the vendor, you will receive another confirming email that the order has been placed for production. At that point it will usually be about a week before you receive your name badge and/or office name plate.

You will receive your order via inside campus mail. The cost* will be charged back to your department's Supplies & Materials account line. *The currentknown cost is $10.50 for Name Badges, $19.60 per Office Name Plate, and $7.00 for Name plate Holders, including tax, setup, handling, and delivery.Price changes can but rarely occur while your order is in process, and might be billed slightly higher.

Please contact the Office of Procurement if you have any questions.

If you are ready to place your order, click here.