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Updated 8/29/13

The Westmont College Office of Procurement provides access for faculty and staff to negotiated contracts with Office Depot Business Services for easy on-line ordering.

Placing your order on-line, rather than calling it in or faxing it, accesses the available contract and gives the Office of Procurement better data for negotiating a better contract for you! Items ordered by 5:00 pm wll arrive at the campus post office the next business day morning and be delivered in the campus mail run. There is no minimum order fee; a $50 minmum is recommended.

Westmont/Office Depot BSD web site NOT!

CONTRACT CONNECTED LOG-IN REQURIED. If you need log-in setup, please contact Procurement. You cannot register yourself. You eventually will be referred back to the Westmont Office of Procurement.

As of August 2013 we have entered into a new contract expected to reduce pricing over 10% provided the on-line system is used and users select "Best Value" and "Preferred" options whenever available:

Best Value icon

Best Value items are those on a national co-op contract we are part of and will provide the lowest cost.

Preferred icon
Preferred items are stocked in the Office Depot warehouse, and while not on contract, will provide better pricing than items from other sources.

Items without these icons are being "pulled" from another wholesaler and will have little, if any" discount associated with them. Please contact Westmont Procurement if you have any questions.

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