Purchase Orders & PO Number Convention

Updated 12/04/2017

Purchase order numbers should be issued to all vendors from whom you order goods, whether that order is verbal or written.

For orders of any of the following....
* Goods surpassing $5,000 total
* Goods delivered by the supplier's own vehicle to anywhere but Central Reiving/Physical Plant
* Orders for services on campus or at any other location
...a written contract must be executed. Please contact Bill Groeneveld in Procurement regarding assistance providing a written contract.

For any order for goods or services where you are asked to sign the supplier's paperwork with terms and conditions, that contract is to be reviewed by Bill Groeneveld in Procurement before it is signed and sent. Please see details in the protocol for contract review approved by the Executive Team.

If you are placing an order for services on campus, and the supplier does not present a contract, one will be created by Bill Groeneveld in Procurement. Bringing a service supplier on campus without a contract exposes the college to unacceptable risk.

When a purchase order # is needed, the following is the convention for creating Westmont purchase order numbers:

First 3 digits of Department code (ex: 42100) from middle segment of Vendorlink account number.

Then your initials: BG 

Then a unique sequence with the date and an "alpha" digit at end for multiple orders per day
(i.e., 26 options).  YYMMDDX

So, if your dept was 421 (42100), your SECOND P.O. on January 15, 2018 would be...


This format:
* Makes every PO# unique
* Assists the campus post office with arriving small package shipments, and/or invoices, if improperly addressed (see "Shipments - Packages").
* Assists Central Receiving with making notifications regarding larger truck shipment deliveries that have arrived (see "Shipments - Via Truck").

Please contact the Bill Groeneveld in Procurement if you have any questions.