IRS W-9 Forms

All business are required to obtain a W-9 Form from entities to whom they make payments. When we add new suppliers, we need a W-9 on file for them. When we bill someone else for services or products, they may request a W-9 Form from us.

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  • Getting a W-9 FROM someone else
    • Email them the link to this page (either copy the url from the address bar above, or get the url from the link just cited), and advise that we cannot process their payment until we have received the signed form from them. They must fill out the applicable blanks, then sign, date and return it.
  • Providing a W-9 TO someone else
    • Upon request from another entity, print this page, then fill in the "Requester's name and address" block and scan/email/mail it to them.

These forms do not get sent to the IRS. They are simply kept on file by recipient entities in case of an IRS audit.