Event Planning & Contracts

When making a request to the Office of Procurement for review of and assistance with event contracts, timely planning is the key to success and stress reduction!

Please see this general checklist for ALL events.

When planning an event off campus or involving a performing artist on campus, contracts with the vendor(s) willl usually be required. It is highly recommended that you first get PROPOSALS from the vendor(s) and that these are reviewed by The Office of Procurement before making any commitment to the vendor(s). Please submit proposals to our office no later than 4 weeks before the event. Please make sure that the proposals are made out to the Westmont College office responsible for invoice payment and not to you as an individual; the subsequent contract will not be executed without being so addressed. Any student coordinator’s contact information should also be included on the contract as a logistics liason only.

It is extremely important that the Office of Procurement is given adequate time to review and execute contracts. No check request for any required deposit may be initiated until the contract is executed. Please see the Westmont College Contract Protocol for information about how the contract must be submitted for review and approval.

It is important to think about the various services that may be required, such as:

* Permission for the event (Conditional Use Permit issues)
* Event location rental
* Tents, chairs, tables, dance floors, podiums, etc.
* Sound & Light
* Catering (food, beverage, ice sculptures, etc.)
* Transportation
* Security
* Entertainment
* Other special goods or services

…and get contracts in for review and approval no later than 3 weeks before your event. If you require assistance negotiating any contracts, we are happy to lend input.

Bill Groeneveld, '80
Associate Director of Procurement & Auxiliary Services
former WCSA Student Activities Director
(Barry McGuire concert, Murchison Gym, November 1978)
Bill Groeneveld WCSA Student Activities Director November 1978