Shipments - Packages

Updated 12/04/2017

All merchandise being shipped to a Westmont department via small package carriers such as UPS, FedEx (Express, Ground, or Home Delivery), USPS, DHL, Airborne Express, California Overnight, etc., need to be properly addressed. If we cannot determine the correct recipient, the package may be returned (delivery refused).

Please ensure the correct information is visible on your Packing Slip (showing through any envelopes used) and your Shipping Label. If you are having one of your suppliers drop ship to us, please make certain that they receive and follow these guidelines.

If the total shipment (multiple boxes or heavy item) exceeds 4 cartons and/or 150 lbs. total, please direct the shipment to Central Receiving, per the instructions for Shipments Via Truck. Even though being shipped by a small package carrier, these larger shipments arriving at Mailing Services will be directed to Central Receiving. Thank you for your cooperation!