Shipments - via Truck

Updated 12/04/2017

Shipments that are not delivered by small package carriers (such as UPS & FedEx) are delivered by larger trucks to Central Receiving at Physical Plant (except College Store and Dining Commons).

For shipments that will be delivered by truck (whether common carrier or dedicated truck), please include the following in your written purchase order to your supplier (with the expectation that they pass along pertinent information to the trucking company):


Attn: (Department AND Staffperson’s name who placed order)
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108


Attn: (Department AND Staffperson’s name who placed order)

CALL B/4: 24 Hrs before delivery to Phil Baker at 805-565-6017.
If palletized and truck does not have lift gate, a delivery appointment is required.

CENTRAL RECEIVING HOURS: Monday through Friday 7:30 - 4:00.

County regulations require:

  • Deliveries to Central Receiving use lower entrance
  • Only deliveries to Dining Commons, Post Office and Bookstore use main entrance
  • Routine deliveries not permitted to circle the campus roadway, but must depart via the gate entered

Maps TO and OF Westmont College

Trailers longer than 48′ are not permitted on campus.

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