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Endowed Chair in Business


Westmont College is an undergraduate, residential, Christian liberal arts community serving God’s kingdom by cultivating thoughtful scholars, grateful servants, and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church, and world.  Founded in 1937 within the Protestant evangelical tradition, Westmont today is ranked among the top one hundred national liberal arts colleges.  With a limited on-campus enrollment of 1200 students, the College is selective in admissions and emphasizes excellence in undergraduate teaching and scholarship.  Faculty are expected to wholeheartedly embrace the mission of the College, relating their faith to their teaching, scholarship, mentoring, and personal lives. More information about the College and the faculty application form are available at

The Economics and Business Department of Westmont College is seeking qualified candidates for a new Endowed Chair in Business.  The position will be a full-time, tenure-track appointment at the associate or full-professor level to begin in the fall of 2012. Rank and salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Endowed Chair


The College’s vision for Economics and Business includes establishing a center for learning related to entrepreneurship, the ethics of enterprise, and managing in an environment of technological change and innovation. The demand for entrepreneurial studies has never been greater. Each year in a survey, high school students tell the National Research Council for Colleges and Universities Admission (NRCCUA) their fields of interest when they graduate. Business continually ranks among the top five areas reported. For those who check “Business,” the NRCCUA further asks what business subjects are of greatest interest and should be taught in college. “Entrepreneurship/business ownership” consistently ranks number one.

Westmont has an opportunity to distinguish itself by

  1. Focusing on social entrepreneurship as well as creating new ventures and corporate entrepreneurship.
  2. Joining Christian principles with a spirit of entrepreneurship.
  3. Providing courses and programs for all students in all disciplines throughout the college.

We expect such a center at Westmont eventually to require five full-time faculty positions and 10 adjunct faculty.



A strong Christian faith and commitment to Westmont in its mission as a Christian liberal arts college in the Protestant evangelical tradition; an accomplished record of dynamic leadership and productivity within the business and academic worlds; an M.B.A. and preferably a Ph.D. or a D.B.A. in business/management from an AACSB-accredited business school; evidence of successful teaching and a commitment to undergraduate education; specialization open but preferred areas include international business, business strategy, and portfolio management.


This person will provide transformational leadership to move the Economics and Business program at Westmont to a higher level of quality in three key areas:

  1. Building and expanding on the ways in which the economics and business major  meets the multifaceted needs and aspirations of students who choose to major in economics and business within the context of a Christian liberal arts education;
  2. Enhancing Westmont’s connections to the local, regional, and national business community by actively engaging in research, writing, speaking, and consulting that links the Economics and Business department to key institutions, organizations, and enterprises;
  3. Enlarging Westmont’s capacity to be a thought leader for the academy, church, and business world.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Department
    1. To facilitate the economics and business department’s development and implementation of a three to five year strategic plan targeted toward:
      • Consistently high quality instruction in department course offerings
      • More opportunities for collaborative student-faculty research projects
      • Broadened opportunities for student internships
      • Enhancement of student mentoring by those within and beyond the department
      • Increased networking between faculty, current students, and  department alumni
      • Enlargement of the department’s global focus
      • Recruitment of strong junior faculty
    1. To teach two four-unit courses per semester within areas of expertise and department need
    2. To participate in departmental activities, governance, and advising
  1. College
    1. To engage in a set of robust professional activities within the business and academic worlds consistent with the College’s mission
    2. To lead the collaborative effort to plan for a new Westmont Center for Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Enterprise
    3. To participate in faculty governance as elected or assigned
    4. To attract key leaders in business and in academia to the College campus for guest lectures, seminars, and conferences
  2. Community
    1. To enhance department and College connections to the local, regional, and national business community
    2. To increase the visibility of the Economics and Business Department and its students within the local, regional, and national business world

Application Process:

Candidates should send a letter of interest, vitae, and the names of three references to Dr. Edd Noell, Chair, Economics and Business Department, Westmont College, 955 La Paz Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108, or to  Review of applications begins December 1, 2011 and continues until the position is filled.  Westmont College is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to be diverse in people and programs consistent with its mission.

Westmont ’s Economics and Business Department:

The Economics and Business department equips students to serve and lead in dynamic settings, with a major that is distinctively broad – integrating the essential components of economics and business, and challenging students to address contemporary economics and business issues with critical thinking, personal conviction, and a Christian perspective. The department currently serves well over 150 majors and has a proven track record of sending its graduates on to leading graduate and professional schools, as well as into a wide array of successful careers in business, academia, law, and not-for-profit work. The department’s curriculum integrates economic models and tenets with applied fields of business.