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Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development Grant

Due September 1

Oversight - Interdisciplinary learning, as a curricular approach that consciously applies methodology and terminology from more than one discipline, emphasizes connections between traditionally discrete disciplines rather than limiting learning to one content area at a time. When teaching and learning are organized around themes, issues, or problems studentspursue knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to provide an expanded and more complex understanding of the topics they are studying.  The Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development Grant is awarded and administered by the Provost Office to support and promote interdisciplinary learning at Westmont. The grant must be used in ways that enhance interdisciplinary curriculum development and learning on campus in general education, major courses, or applied courses.

Funding - One interdisciplinary curriculum development grant is available for each academic year in the amount of $3000 paid in two installments. The first installment of $1500 will be paid immediately after receiving the electronic confirmation of acceptance; the second installment of $1500 will be paid after

  • the course/courses proposal with clearly articulated, meaningful, and measurable student learning outcomes has been submitted to the Academic Senate Review Committee for revision and approval;
  • the final report has been filed with the Provost Office.

Competitive - Receiving an interdisciplinary curriculum development grant is a competitive process; not all applications are funded. Each application is judged on its own merit based on: 1) stated purpose, 2) proposed budget, and 3) available interdisciplinary curriculum development grant funds.

Eligibility - All academic departments and programs are eligible to apply. The Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development Grant application must identify the faculty requesting the grant and, if different, the person administering the grant. If the grant is funded, these identified persons assume responsibility for completing the project as stated and ensuring the grant funds are spent in accordance with the approved budget. The grant can be awarded to two or more faculty members or a faculty learning community who wish todedicate substantial time and energy to developing an interdisciplinary course or cluster of courses, or to significantly modify and restructure the already existing course(s) to be taught within an interdisciplinary framework, including but not limited to team- taught courses; learning community linked or clustered courses; a learning  community within autonomous classes; learning communities with a service-learning component; or interdisciplinary capstone courses and senior seminars.

The monies cannot be used for funding guest speakers or organizing and facilitating co-curricular events even if the aforementioned activities can contribute to interdisciplinary learning.

Reporting  - A written report is required and should be submitted to the Provost Office at the end of the grant period.  While no particular form is required, the report must clearly state

  • which new or significantly amended interdisciplinary course or courses has/have been developed and submitted to the Academic Senate Review Committee. The course syllabus or syllabi with clear and measurable student learning outcomes should be attached to the report.
  • how the grant money was spent.

Grant holders may be asked to present their work at various College forums.

Application process - At least two faculty from two different disciplines, or faculty and co-curricular specialist or administrator should submit the request to the Provost that clearly state

1. their learning objectives, interest and expertise in the area of the proposed curriculum development

2. intended student learning outcomes for the proposed interdisciplinary course or courses

3. a clear identification of how the course/courses connect to and contribute to the Christian community and holistic development of Westmont students

4. an action plan including:

  • a time frame (up to one year)
  • a specific statement of what is to be accomplished
  • a general strategy for pursuing the goal
  • a fairly specific statement of how course learning outcomes in the proposed interdisciplinary course or cluster of courses will be assessed

5. project budget

Timelines  - The following dates govern the interdisciplinary curriculum development grant process:

Deadline to submit an application:

September 1

Funding notification:

Usually 15 working days after the proposal is received. Since this year the applicants will be notified by the second week of October, the work on the grant proposal should begin immediately after funding notification.  

Final Report due:

Upon submitting the course/courses proposal to the Academic Senate Review Committee for revision and approval.