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The Faculty Interdisciplinary Study Grant

Application due Nov. 1

An annual grant to one or more faculty study groups who wish to give sustained time and energy to the exploration of an interdisciplinary question with particular connections to the Christian community. The assumption is that this grant may provide seed money for a project that might later result in further funding from summer development money.

At present, we have a number of contexts where complex interdisciplinary questions of interest to the Christian community emerge or are touched on. And yet, there is no particular encouragement within our community for faculty to give significant time to making a serious contribution to the dialogue surrounding such questions.
This new award will provide up to $2500 to be used in ways that will facilitate thoughtful and sustained attention on such issues. The money may be used to buy supplies or books, to fund a retreat, etc. Obviously, it is not intended to provide compensation for time.

What do I need in order to apply for a Faculty Interdisciplinary Study Grant?
1. 3-4 faculty from at least 3 disciplines – with some statement of each faculty's interest and expertise in the area of study being proposed
2. A specific question to be addressed –

one that has some history (it might be a variation on one of the "classic" questions or one of more recent origin) – but there ought to be a body of existing literature as a point of departure

one that clearly invites interdisciplinary dialogue

one that has special connections to the Christian community – either in terms of what the Christian tradition might contribute to the dialogue, or in terms of the challenge that the question poses to the Christian community
3. A Plan of Study
This should include at least the following items:

a time frame (up to one year)

a fairly specific statement of what is to be accomplished

a general strategy for pursuing that goal
4. A Budget
5. A Plan of Accountability
Though there will be flexibility in this matter, each study group will be responsible for at least one concrete contribution to the Westmont community so that we will all benefit from your work. It may also include a projected contribution to the larger academic community or to the church. (This plan might include some combination of the following: production of a reading list, a bibliographic essay, an original essay or article, a presentation at Faculty Exchange, creation of a new class, etc.)
Proposals for 2010-11 grants should be made by November 1, 2010 to the Provost's Office. The grants will be made by the Professional Development Committee, in consultation with the Provost's Office.
If you have any questions, please call #6787.