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Applications Due Nov.1

Westmont College
Due Date:  November 1

What is a Professional Development Grant?

Professional Development Grants are typically made to between 10-20 full-time Westmont faculty each year to encourage faculty to take on intentional projects for their own professional development.  This grant may be used to “buy-out” a course during a semester, or to provide a source of summer income other than teaching summer school.

What sorts of projects are supported by these grants?

1. The Advancement of Scholarship

2. The Development of the Curriculum

How much are the grants?

The basic summer development grant is $3,600.

This money may be taken as salary or used for items such as travel, archival work, student assistants, books, equipment and supplies, tuition, etc.

Occasionally, extra money may be available for expenses related to your project.  If and only if you are applying for money over and above the standard grant, please include a detailed budget.

How will recipients be selected?

The Professional Development committee will select among the proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Specific objectives
  • Benefit to the applicant's professional development.
  • Benefit to the institution.
  • Productive use of any previous development grants.

While we assume that many of the proposals will be from individuals and will be discipline specific, we also want the Professional Development Grants to serve the broad range of institutional and curricular goals.  In the light of this, some preference may be given to the following categories of proposals:

Projects that involve collaboration.

  • Research that includes students.
  • Projects that have an interdisciplinary component.
  • Projects that have a theologically integrative component.

Preference may also be given to:

  • New endeavors rather than revisions of former endeavors.
  • Projects that come from faculty who have not previously been funded.

Grants are not normally awarded for travel to professional meetings.

What sort of accountability will be expected?

All recipients will be expected to make a report of their work to the Professional Development Committee within one month of the end of the summer or semester in which they received the grant.  When additional money has been awarded, a detailed report of expenditures should accompany the final report.

Reports are submitted electronically here:

(Link available after May 15. )

Reports should include the following components, where applicable:

    • Period of the grant
    • Title of the project(s)
    • Name of the primary grant recipient
    • One or two sentences summarizing your activities
    • Full description of project activity (about 1 page or so)
    • Assessment of if/how the original project objectives were met (original proposals can be viewed when logged into the “Application & Report Forms” section of the Provost’s web page)
    • List of specific outcomes/achievements (articles, books, courses developed, etc.)

How do I apply?

Please use the online form available at:

Link available after May 15.

Department chairs who need to read proposals submitted by members of their department should go to:

Link available after May 15.