GE Program Review (Fall 2004)


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What specific experiences in advising, the classroom, or other contexts have been most influential/helpful in your understanding of the goals and purposes of the GE program?


What comments, good or bad, do you hear about the GE program from your fellow students?

Please check the GE areas for which you are currently enrolled. Enter the course ID in the form "PY 005."

I. Common Contexts  
   A. Biblical and Theological Canons  
   Life and Literature of the Old Testament
   Life and Literature of the New Testament
   Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  B. Introduction to the Christian Liberal Arts
   Philosophical Reflections on Truth and Value
   World Civilizations in Christian Perspective
II. Common Inquiries
   Reading Imaginative Literature
   Exploring the Physical Sciences
   Exploring the Life Sciences
   Performing & Interpreting the Arts
   Reasoning Abstractly
   Thinking Globally
   Thinking Historically
   Understanding Society
 III. Common Skills
   Writing for the Liberal Arts
   Writing/speech within the major
   Writing/speech outside the major
   Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning
   Modern / Foreign Languages
   Physical Education

For each new course above, please comment on
     a. the ways the course through its syllabus or instruction has helped you understand the goals GE
     b. the ways in which the course has contributed to these goals.

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Course ID:


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Please comment on the ways your GE courses have shaped you as a person.



Write a brief essay or persuasive speech as if you were a Westmont College student leader giving a talk to your high school explaining Westmont's General Education program.

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Thank you for your help in reviewing Westmont's General Education Program.