Golden Eagle Recipients

Warrior logoVolleyball: Madison Serrano, an undeclared major, 3.34 gpa. Coach Cook: “Madison works incredibly hard on and off the court, and has shown herself to be one of the premier players in an extremely competitive program.”

Women’s Tennis: Emily Keach, an English major, 3.89 gpa. Coach LeSage: “Any coach would love to have a student-athlete like Emily on their team. I am privileged to coach such a hardworking, conscientious, and committed athlete.”

Men’s Tennis: Joshua Barnard, a kinesiology major, 3.58 gpa. Coach Basham: “Josh is the quintessential Westmont Warrior. He always gives 100% effort and is very energetic and positive with his teammates.”

Women’s Basketball: Erin Beadle, an economics and business and English major, 3.61 gpa. Coach Moore: “Erin is a true student-athlete whose work ethic and dedication to excellence have led to success in the classroom and on the court. She plays with incredible hustle and passion that have been critical in helping her team play at a championship level. She loves to compete and her tenacious defense is contagious to her teammates. Erin has a huge heart and we are so thankful that she is a Warrior.”

Men’s Basketball: Marcus Farrand, a biology major, 3.52 gpa. Coach Moore: “Marcus is one of a kind. He is an original; they broke the mold. His commitment to his teammates and to his team is extremely uncommon. I am sure I will never see another like Marcus.”

Baseball: J.J. Turbin, a communications major, 3.39 gpa. Coach Ruiz: “J.J. has been second to none in his dedication and commitment to Warrior baseball. His heart for ministry, his relentless compassion, and passion for leadership have served our program well. He will have a lasting legacy. Beyond his numerous athletic achievements, his God-honoring character and bold faith are qualities his coaches and teammates will not forget.”

Women’s Cross-Country: Amber Collier, a kinesiology major, 3.62 gpa. Coach Smelley: “Amber is a loyal individual and a committed teammate. She has high expectations of herself and does the work necessary to achieve her goals.”

Men’s Cross Country: Paul Anderson, English, 3.57 gpa. Coach Smelley: “Paul is a devoted and hardworking individual. He is an encourager to his teammates, whether in a serious discussion or laughing together.”

Women’s Track and Field: Laurel Stomans, a communications major, 3.43 gpa. Coach Smelley: “Laurel has a pleasant and engaging personality that overlaps her tenacious and hardworking orientation to her goals.”

Men’s Track and Field: Matthew Shiney, economics and business and political science major, 3.54 gpa. Coach Smelley: “Matt is a hard-driving and ambitious individual. He is determined to succeed at every endeavor and is willing to do the work necessary to reach his goals.”