Women’s Soccer: Alison Hensley, a senior who is double majoring in Mathematics and Spanish, has a GPA of 3.94. She is a two-time NAIA Scholar-Athlete, a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Delta Pi honors societies, and Westmont’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year for 2013. A first-team All-American in 2013, she has been, according to Coach Kiely, “a leader in our program since the day she came. She inspired all with her work ethic.”

Men’s Soccer: Senior Sebastian Kent, won acclaim from Coach Wolf for an “inspiring and exemplary response” to a career with “painful journeys” of injury. “Sebastian has quietly and humbly pursued excellence as both a student and an athlete.” A Kinesiology major, he has a GPA of 3.54.

warriorWomen’s Cross-Country: Breean Collier, a senior Kinesiology major, has a 3.70 GPA. According to Coach Smelley, she “became beloved by the team because she invested so much in her teammates.” She received the Solid Gold Guts Award in 2013 for her inspirational persistence, as she struggled through injuries.

Men’s Cross Country: Jack Rogan, a senior Kinesiology major, has a 3.81 GPA, and he was a team captain and a GSAC scholar-athlete. Coach Smelley notes: Jack “scores on all categories in the Strengths Finder” and “leads in a ubiquitous way.” He’s the guy “you turn to for encouragement.”

Women’s Basketball: Erin Beadle, a senior double major in Economics and Business and in English, had an excellent 3:1 assist to turnover ratio and a 3.60 GPA. As Coach Moore observes, the player she calls “Turbo” has an “unselfish yet confident presence that can only be defined as a champion.” An integral part of the 2013 national title run, she showed this year’s team “what it looked like to be a champion.”

Men’s Basketball: Marcus Farrand, a senior Biology major who has his eyes on medical school, has a 3.57 GPA. Coach Moore claims that he “is one of the finest leaders I have ever been around in my 26 years.” The “Marcus Express” is a “most generous, caring and loving brother. . . He has been our inspirational leader,” the team’s “Double-Double and Mr. Energy.”

Women’s Tennis: Sophomore Grace Davis, a Kinesiology major, currently has a GPA of 3.94. She is complimented often by opposing coaches and officials for her attitude. “You know that saying ‘Kill them with kindness," Coach McManigal comments. “That is Grace Davis. She is out there 'til the very last point fighting.”

Men’s Tennis: John Bertram, Westmont’s Scholar-Athlete of the Year, is a senior physics and chemistry major. Coach Basham recalls John’s “inquisitive mind” and his “philosophizing on the bus,” and notes “how giving he is with others.” John has a 3.89 GPA.

Women’s Track and Field: Taylor Frantom, a senior pole-vaulter and Psychology major, won acclaim from Coach Smelley for “how she treated her teammates” and became “a leader on the team.” She carries a 3.36 GPA.

Men’s Track and Field: David Donner, a senior Biology major, carries a 3.59 GPA, plays viola in the orchestra, and has run on the 4 x 800 relay team. “David is the consummate walk-on,” Coach Smelley claims. “He is resolute, hardy and resilient,” and has been a “loyal and devoted son to his family and his mother, who has a brain tumor.”

Women’s Volleyball: Liberal Studies major Marie Trudelle is the third in her family to win the Golden Eagle. Coach Cook salutes the senior captain for “singlehandedly organizing service projects,” and for her “tenderhearted, inquisitive, and enthusiastic nature.” Marie has a 3.33 GPA.

Men’s Baseball: Eric Bateman, a senior History major with a 3.73 GPA, is the baseball program’s first Monroe Scholar. Coach Ruiz claims that “Eric is an integral member of a class that has transformed Westmont baseball.” He is a member of national history and Spanish honors societies.