". . . in one another. For microfinance to succeed in the long-term, we have to adjust the social structure in both third-world and first-world countries. Yunus' work has been influential in the development in Bangladesh as a country, and only time will reveal the extent of the social change that Yunus and the Grameen Bank have brought in the context of world history." James is "looking forward to asking Yunus about his dissatisfaction with capitalist antipoverty initiatives and his plan to address compliance burdens that his social businesses would face." He is currently participating in a new course, taught by Rick Ifland and entitled "Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid." It is aimed at reaching an impoverished community in Haiti with the tools of capitalism, using microfinance to raise seven families to higher standards of living through the creation of their own businesses. Members of this class, who will be traveling to Haiti over spring break to launch these businesses, have engaged the conversation on global poverty and microfinance, including the work Yunus has done with the Grameen Bank.