Judy Alexandre

Judy’s journey to Westmont began in the 1970s, when she was invited to establish a bachelor of social work program as an assistant professor. “At the time, there were only about 4-5 female faculty at the college," she recalls. "We had our master’s degrees, and the school offered to pay for us to earn our doctorates as well.” After the social work program did not continue, Judy stepped away from Westmont to start a private practice counseling center dedicated to social work. Ten years later she was invited back to Westmont by the former chair of the Sociology Department, accepted the offer, and has been here ever since.

“It is a gift. I love students. I love being a mentor. I love seeing the lights go on when they hear something they haven’t heard before,” she reflects. “These are students who will go out and make a difference in the world, to live out their relationship with Christ by following what God commands: to love the world as He does.” Her passion for teaching and vocation as a practitioner are intricately intertwined, as her lectures before classes influence her private practice, and vice versa. Her work reflects various aspects in the wide span of social work, from child welfare to family counseling to the nonprofit she currently consults for, specializing in addressing the issue of homelessness. “Wherever there is a person in need, you will find a social worker,” she says.

"Judy is a person who tries to live out her faith passionately in word and deed," observes her colleague Tito Paredes. "She balances excellence in teaching and practical love for her students and the poor."

The Sociology Department at Westmont now has found a greater sense of stability, which Dr. Alexandre finds reassuring at the time of her departure. “Westmont is a wonderful college. It does a great job of equipping students.” Although Judy will retire from Westmont, her passion for social work grows each and every day. “To watch someone change and heal and be more involved in community, it energizes me. I have such hope for this generation of students, who embody a different sense of compassion and justice. Ultimately, they go out into the world following the commands of scripture: to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with the Lord.”