In Memoriam: Alex Moore, 1980-2012

Alex Moore

Alex Moore

By Kirsten Moore

Dr. Alex Moore was a man of exceptional talents, which he combined with a strong conviction to maximize those God-given gifts. His inquisitive, brilliant mind led him on an intellectual journey from Wheaton College to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Ultimately, he tore himself away from an adjunct teaching position at Westmont for four years to challenge himself at the University of Missouri, where he earned his doctorate in biomedical sciences. Although he became a respected researcher, his true passion was teaching and mentoring others. His unique ability to make the complex understandable enabled others to see the wonder in so many things that might otherwise have gone unknown.

A fierce competitor, Alex sought out challenges and wasn’t afraid to do the work it would take to be successful. Regardless of the role he needed to play individually, he thrived in the competitive arena as a leader and relished creating strategies that would lead to the entire’s team’s success. This leadership enabled him to positively impact the Wheaton cross-country team, and his teammates recognized his role by voting him “most respected” for two consecutive seasons. Teamwork, strategy and competitive spirit led him perfectly in the field of cycling. He dove in whole- heartedly and molded himself into an impressive cyclist, which included a life- shaping stint on the US developmental team competing in Belgium.

Though Alex’s endeavors took him throughout the world, he always considered family home. He cherished time with them, celebrating holidays, playing late cards into the night, and the yearly hunting weekend with the guys on his grandfather’s farm.

Alex was uniquely talented, hard working, strategic and competitive. Yet at the foundation of all this was a heart that loved generously and cared deeply about others. Following the example of his Lord Jesus, he sacrificed for this family and friends, and protected those he loved, in particular his wife, Kirsten, and the new life they are bringing into the world.