DAVID Marten

David MartenWhile his career highlights include helping design buildings and developing a new kind of reaction during a sabbatical at UCSB, he cherishes his students and colleagues as the most rewarding aspects of his career. He has enjoyed classes, research, and three Europe Semesters, as well as interaction with colleagues from all disciplines. As the advisor to the Pre-Health Professions Program, he has mentored over 100 students who have gone on to graduate school or medical school. He has found great enjoyment in inspiring his students to pursue chemistry and has been appreciative of the unique opportunities Westmont has provided for him to influence students and to encourage them to be both scientists and followers of Christ. He has completed over 30 research projects with students, advised dozens of major honors projects, and has been one of those unique faculty members who can inspire awe and affection in students simultaneously and in equal measure.

“Dr. Marten taught me that clear, concise, analytical thinking can solve almost any problem you come across in organic chemistry," states Kirk Reynolds, ’10, current Ph.D. student in chemistry at UC San Diego. "When that doesn’t work, however, chocolate chip cookies go a long way.” Kirk was one of many students who did research alongside David, as did Hannah Reynolds, ’12, who adds, “Dr. Marten gave so much to all of us in the Chemistry Department. His dedication to the discipline and his students will continue to inspire all who worked under his instruction.”

David is also a legend for keeping the research equipment up-to-date. Colleagues say he can fix anything, from spectrometers to glassware; and if he can’t fix it, he insists on saving it, just in case. "If we had one piece of junk lying around for every broken thing that Dave kept `just in case,'" Michael Everest notes, "we'd have a bunch of junk lying around."

With retirement, David is looking forward to spending more time with his family, including his two sons, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters (ages 11 and 8). He also is eager to spend more time traveling around Europe, and would like to see Australia and New Zealand. Aleah Bond, a current research student, summarizes a common sentiment: “Working with Dr. Marten over the past two years has been one of the most influential and blessed experiences of my college career. He has been an amazing mentor, and has helped me gain the competencies and confidence necessary for meticulous research. Dr. Marten has aided many students—myself included—to success in the scientific field of their choice, and I am so thankful for his dedication to his students and their accomplishments."