Highlights—and High Country—in Mexico

Volleyball Player

These eleven make up a diverse but tight-knit and supportive group. They are gracious toward and respectful of their hosts and their peers.  They are eager to learn, in and out of the classroom.  I've been particularly impressed with the quality of the discussions we've had in the course that I teach, 'Engaging Cultures.'  While beautiful Querétaro offers many delights, it has also proven itself an excellent laboratory for exploring cultural difference!

The students seem to be settling well into their homes and families. There's so much for them to negotiate: a new city, a different language, different personal and cultural expectations, different food, unfamiliar professors.  While we've had a few health issues (not unexpected, given the stress the students are under while negotiating a radically new environment), they've borne up surprisingly well. 

We took our first multi-day field trip, to the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro.  This was an intense, exhausting, yet really wonderful trip, that included visits to archeological sites, missions founded by Fr. Junípero Serra, and natural wonders.  I think we were all overwhelmed by the fabulous beauty we encountered.  The photo of the group is at a viewpoint to which we hiked on September 6.  What a glorious day!  What glorious country!  God is good."