Glenn Town

Glenn Town

"When we searched for a department chair ten years ago," Chris Milner observes, "we were looking for these qualities: vision, passion and excellence. He has brought these and more to our department. He has helped our department grow and change to meet the needs of our students. His passion for the discipline is contagious! Students love being with him both in and outside the classroom. Replacing this friend and colleague will be difficult, to say the least."

Glenn has maintained his passion for educating his students beyond campus and has effectively used the wilderness as an instrument for that purpose. He has relished opportunities to show young people a more holistic picture of how he lives his life. Teaching students in the rugged, demanding places of the woods and mountains stretched their own perceptions. Those weekend backpacking trips or spring break biking marathons offered neither Glenn nor the students accompanying him a place to hide.

Tom Walters, a former student and current colleague, comments that "in my time at Westmont I have come to recognize Glenn as that special type of guy that always makes time for those in need, no matter what he may have on his plate. For me personally, Glenn served a vital role in terms of my development as an educator through his invaluable guidance, constant words of encouragement, and his ability to make sure I was always seeking God in any decisions I was making."

Both on campus and in the wilderness Glen witnessed the formation of many honorable students. When asked for one of those relationships that stood out to him, he indicated Alex Moore. He describes how privileged he felt to have known and mentored a caring and strong man and how torn he was by Alex’s passing. Being a part of lives like Alex Moore’s has been a joy of Glenn’s throughout his career. That won’t end after Glenn leaves Westmont this spring. He’ll be moving up to Bend, Oregon, where he plans to serve people by restoring single-family homes and involving students in projects of renovation for those in need.

"I am so sad to see Glenn leave," Tom notes, "but know that this next adventure in his life is something he deserves as much as anyone. I wish Glenn nothing but the best and hope his future after Westmont is filled with countless blessings."