Keeping pace with Michelle Hardley

Michelle Hardley

"This job is the culmination of all the randoms in my life," Michelle told me as she described her diverse lenses on Westmont. Those lenses come from her time as a student in 1997-2000, her effort to finish in 2.5 years (thwarted by an advising mistake), one year as the psychology lab coordinator, 3 years as an administrative assistant in the Athletic Office, 8 months in the Business Office, and her recent work with Academic Advising and Disability Services. All told, if you are counting, that’s 15 years at Westmont.

It’s a rich tapestry of experience that gives her an understanding of the inner workings of many Westmont offices. There are still seven professors on the faculty who taught Michelle in their classrooms. Now her job is to find the classrooms for them.

When asked about her early impressions of the job, she had high acclaim for the culture of the Records Office that Bob Kuntz has created. And Bob returns the praise: “We had hoped that she would hit the ground running," he assured us. "She has not. She has hit the ground SPRINTING . . . and earned a gold medal."

Michelle, though, does like to walk. This summer’s transition may have allowed few free moments, but I did ask her what she likes to do when her schedule is open. One response: hiking with her husband of twelve years. They have been consulting a book describing the 101 trails of Ventura County.

In case you are wondering, she’s already on record for finishing 20 of them.