Making a Report to Academic Senate

When submitting reports to the Academic Senate, include a cover page (or first section) that includes:

  • Name of Reporting Body
  • Subject of Report
  • Reporter/Prepare of Report
  • Members of Reporting Body
  • Year/Time Covered in the Report
  • Date Submitted to Academic Senate

In the body of the report, please be sure to highlight:

  • Formal actions taken (along with the relevant dates and any necessary documentation)
  • Items requiring follow-up (along with who is expected to provide the follow-up and on what timeline)

Ideally, the report preparer, committee or task force chair, or some other representative will be present for the senate meeting in which the report is discussed. The Academic Senate Chair will attempt to coordinate with such representative in advance of scheduling the report discussion, though requests for postponements may not always be possible given the size of the senate, the amount of business, and other deadlines.