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Language Placement Exam

What Language Class Should I Take? 

You are not required to register for a language course in your first semester at Westmont College, but you are required to take the Language Placement Exam by July 14.

You must take the placement exam if you plan on taking the same language as you did in high school.

If you've had 1 year or less of language in high school, enroll in the first semester course (-001) unless you place higher on the exam, due to spending time abroad or having a family history of fluency in the language. Students with more than 1 year of a language in high school will be removed from the first semester course (-001) of the same language and asked to register for a higher level (-002 or higher).

If you studied one language in high school and want to study a different language at Westmont you may start out at the first semester course (-001) of the new language.  

Take the Language Placement Exam and explore the Frequently Asked Questions about the exam.

The exam will take about 15-20 minutes. Do not use any resource books, dictionaries or other materials during the placement exam.

If you are already fluent in another language, please contact the Modern Languages Department to see if you are exempt from this requirement.

If you feel you have already satisfied the Modern/Foreign Language GE requirement with a qualifying college-level transfer course, AP/IB score, or SAT II subject test, please contact the Student Records Office at to verify this information.

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