Academic Forgiveness Policy

Under the current grading system at Westmont, F’s are posted for failing work, an unofficial withdrawal and failure to remove an incomplete grade.
Students wishing to have an F grade for a single course changed to WF may submit a documented request (petition) through the Registrar to the Academic Senate where the request will be considered.
Students may request that a complete semester’s grades be converted to WP/WF by documented request (petition) through the Registrar to the Academic Senate.  The Academic Senate may grant forgiveness when the following conditions exist:

  1. The student has no grade above D in the semester and predominately F’s.
  2. The student has demonstrated in the intervening period of time (normally 5 or more years) clear potential for academic success.
  3. The student has a clear goal that cannot be attained without the exercise of such a forgiveness policy (e.g., admission into a graduate program where competition is unusually keen).
  4. The record of the student indicates that the level of work during the one or two semesters is clearly inconsistent with the student’s normal performance at Westmont or a comparable accredited four-year institution.
WP = Withdrew Passing
WF = Withdrew Failing (no penalty)