Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment (enrollment for credit at another school while enrolled at Westmont) may occasionally be permitted for program enrichment or for solving serious class scheduling conflicts.

  1. The course should be commensurate with the student’s program but not offered at Westmont College OR the concurrent enrollment should be undertaken to solve a class scheduling problem such that a student is unable to enroll for the course in the remainder of the student’s Westmont program.
  2. The student must file a petition requesting approval for concurrent enrollment in advance of enrolling in the concurrent course.
  3. The student must be a full-time student (minimum 12 academic hours) at Westmont.
  4. The total academic load in a term must not exceed the academic load permitted at Westmont.
  5. If transfer credit is expected, the suitability of the particular course must be established in advance through the normal pre-approval process in the Student Records Office.