Credit Limitations

  • Community, junior, or two-year college credit (see also Transfer Credit Policies).
    Limited to 64 units total. All junior college work is lower division, and will be applied only to lower division requirements in the major or to appropriate general education classes. Once the 64-unit maximum has been reached, no additional units will be accepted from community, junior, or two-year colleges, i.e., units taken after the 64-unit maximum has been reached may not be substituted for any of the first 64 units already taken.
  • Applied music (MUA)
    Limited to 12 units, unless the student has met the lower division prerequisites for the Music major.
  • Practicum credit
    A limit of 12 units of practicum credit may be applied toward the degree. (Student teaching, internship, practicum field experience)
  • PE Activity
    A maximum of 8 units of PE Activity credit may be applied to the degree. Students (other than declared Kinesiology majors) may not enroll in more than one PEA per semester.
  • Extension courses
    No more than 12 semester units may be applied to the degree. (None will be approved during the final semester at Westmont.)
  • Credit by examination (see also Credit by Exam)
    Limited to 20 units (excluding CLEP, Advanced Placement & IB Credit).
    Note: Combination of extension, and credit by examination units (excluding CLEP, Advanced Placement and IB Credit) may not exceed 30 units.
  • Publication courses
    The Citadel, Horizon and Phoenix editor-in-chief may earn four units of credit each semester. Section editors of the Citadel and Horizon will be permitted to earn up to two units of APP credit per semester or up to two units of credit per semester from other departments subject to departmental approval. No more than 12 units of publication credit may be applied towards the degree.
  • Time limitations for transfer credits
    College credit earned more than 25 years ago will not be credited towards a degree. Courses for the major taken more than fifteen (15) years ago are subject to evaluation by the department; courses taken within 15 years will normally be accepted.
  • Applied Studies courses (APP):
    A maximum of 8 units of Applied Studies courses (APP) may be applied to the degree.
  • Theatre Arts:
    Rehearsal and performance and technical production courses are limited to a maximum of 2 units per semester and 4 units per year.