The week of final exams is the 15th instructional week of Westmont’s academic calendar and is reported as such to both WASC and the state of California.

  1. The study day and final examination schedule will be published by the registrar prior to advance registration for each semester.
  2. Some sort of required retrospective course activity will take place for all 2 to 4 unit courses with scheduled examination times as published by the Registrar. Appropriate activities include comprehensive exams, unit exams, portfolio or project reviews, and other types of reflective activities.
  3. The last examination in any course may not be scheduled during the last week of classes.  A unit exam may be given in the last week of classes provided a final exam is also given during the final exam week.
  4. When unit exams are given or projects are due in the last week of classes, care should be exercised to ensure that the total workload for the last week of classes and the exam week is appropriate and does not place an undue burden on diligent students.
  5. Classes, laboratories, and other types of new instruction are not to be held during the examination week.  The final date for the submission of regular written work must be no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes.
  6. Take-home examinations and projects may be used at the faculty member's discretion, but these must not involve new instruction or research during the week of final exams and must be submitted by the student no later than the published examination time.
  7. Faculty members are not free to reschedule final examination times for individuals or for the whole class.  The Academic Senate Review Committee, acting on petitions from students or faculty, must approve exceptions for individuals or classes.  All requests for rescheduling are to be presented at least two weeks in advance of the beginning of final examinations.
  8. Professors and students who arrange for tests to be taken outside the regularly scheduled block are urged to take appropriate steps to ensure the confidentiality of the test.  Such steps might include offering an alternative version of the test, asking students to sign an honor statement, or scheduling make-up tests as close as possible to the regular test.
  9. Individual students will be granted permission to reschedule examinations in the event of serious illness or family tragedy.   The registrar will grant permission to reschedule examinations when needed to accommodate extended examination times required by students with documented learning disabilities.
  10. Students will not be required to take more than two final examinations on any day.  Requests to reschedule additional examinations may be presented to the registrar for rescheduling.  The Academic Review Committee will consider all other requests.  Rescheduling requests must be presented to the registrar at least two weeks in advance of the beginning of final examinations.
  11. Prior to submitting any request for rescheduling, the student will negotiate with the instructor a tentative alternate time, to be approved by the registrar.  For students who are scheduled to take more than two exams in one day, the exam to be rescheduled is: first, any examination given in the 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. time period; secondly, any examination given in the 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. time period.
  12. Examinations should be designed so they can be completed within two (2) hours, but students may be allowed three (3) hours for completion if the instructor permits the extended time.  Only in cases of documented learning disabilities should students be permitted to continue working on an exam into the next exam period.
  13. Students who miss final examinations because of illness should be referred to the Student Records Office.  The illness will be verified and make-up examinations scheduled and proctored.


  1. Short-term suspension:  Faculty members are not permitted to provide make-up opportunities or alter established class schedules for suspended students.  Where this creates hardship for students they are to be referred to the Dean of Students.