Off-Campus Programs

Off-Campus Programs: Current programs include Westmont’s Europe, Northern Europe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara Downtown, England, Mexico, Uganda and East Asia semesters; the Christian College Consortium Visitor program; select programs of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities; and various programs sponsored for French and Spanish majors and tracks of particular majors.

  1. A student with a 2.30 G.P.A. may apply for one of the off-campus programs that Westmont sponsors. This will not be considered as a break in residence. Applications must be processed through the Off-Campus Programs Office.
  2. Off-campus programs sponsored by a particular department for major credit may set their own minimum GPA providing it is above 2.30.
  3. Westmont financial aid (institutional grants, scholarship and loans) may be used for any semester-long Westmont Operated off campus program, including Europe, Northern Europe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara Downtown, England, Mexico, Uganda and East Asia semesters. However, Westmont financial aid may be used for one program only at a Westmont Approved (versus Westmont Operated) off campus program.
    1. Tuition for Westmont Operated and Westmont Approved Off-Campus Programs is the same as tuition on campus (except in a few cases where tuition is even higher than Westmont’s tuition, in which case students are charged the higher amount). Other charges vary by program and are available through the Off-Campus Programs office or from the hosting institution. Students who participate in these programs through Westmont are considered to be Westmont students. Therefore, they retain their standing and class priority for returning enrollment and class selection. Although students are allowed to attend more than one program, they may not enroll in off-campus programs in consecutive semesters.
  4. Courses, units, and grades are posted to the Westmont transcript and computed into the Westmont G.P.A. for all work taken while enrolled as an approved “visitor” to another college or program.
  5. Westmont reserves the right to limit the number of students participating in these programs each semester.
  6. Students who wish to enroll in 2 different off-campus programs in consecutive semesters must submit a petition to the Academic Senate Review Committee through the Student Records Office.
  7. Students planning to be off-campus during their Junior year should complete an application for degree before they leave.
  8. Students should contact the Business Office and Housing Office regarding arrangements pertaining to those offices.

A complete listing of programs and detailed description of policies relating to Off-Campus Programs can be found on the Off-Campus Programs Office or on their Web site.