Petitions for exceptions to academic regulations must be submitted to the Registrar for action. The Registrar will refer some petitions on to the Academic Senate Review Committee for action.
Standard petition forms are available on the Registrar's Web Site or at the Student Records Office.

  1. Request should be stated clearly.
  2. Reason for request should be stated clearly.
  3. Applicable signatures should be secured by student:
    1. Advisor (always)
    2. Instructor (for late add or withdrawal)
    3. Departmental Chair (for exceptions in major areas)
    4. Dean of Students or Associate Dean (for verification of personal reasons)
    5. School doctor or nurse (illness or health reasons)
  4. Student should turn in petition at the Student Records Office. Action will usually be taken within a week. The Registrar will notify students of action. The faculty advisor and/or the instructor will also be notified of the action.