Second Baccalaureate Degree

  1. A student with a bachelor’s degree from another institution who applies to Westmont to pursue a BA or BS will be treated as a transfer student. The student will be expected to meet all of the same degree requirements as a typical transfer student that enters Westmont seeking a first bachelor’s degree.
  2. A student who has received one bachelor’s degree from Westmont and wishes to earn a second degree (as opposed to a second major), must:
    1. meet the major requirements of a second major;
    2. satisfy all general education requirements in place at the time that work on the second degree is initiated following the awarding of the first degree;
    3. complete 30 units of work beyond the first degree (It should be recognized that this is not the same as requiring 154 units, 124+30, since many students complete more than 124 units before completing the first degree.);
    4. complete at least 24 of the 30 units for the second degree at Westmont.