Transfer Credit Policies


  1. Credit from junior (two-year private or community) colleges is limited to 64 transferable units. Once the 64-unit maximum has been reached, no additional units will be accepted from community, junior, or two-year colleges, i.e., units taken after the 64-unit maximum has been reached may not be substituted for any of the first 64 units already taken.
    1. All junior college work is lower division.
    2. Academic departments may or may not accept transferred courses from Community College to apply to lower-division major requirements.
    3. The 64 units may be taken prior to admission to Westmont or during summer sessions or breaks in enrollment. (See “Graduation Requirements Senior Residency”). Courses not listed on the Transfer Agreements on the Registrar's website require pre-approval by the Student Records Office prior to beginning the transfer course work.
  2. Credit will not be given for courses in which D grades are recorded.
  3. Credit will not be given for repeated courses, unless D, F, or NC was earned the first time.
  4. Credit will not be given for technical-vocational courses.
  5. Credit will not be given for courses remedial in nature.


BIBLE COLLEGE Normal transfer credit consideration is given for courses from Bible colleges accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education.
CREDIT FROM NON-ACCREDITED COLLEGES Westmont makes an individual assessment based on the information available. Courses/units, from an unaccredited college, will be considered for acceptance after a successful year (2.0 minimum GPA, full-time enrollment) at Westmont. Student must submit re-evaluation of transfer work request form.

CONSORTIUM Credit will be given for approved courses taken at consortium colleges and applied as if taken at Westmont. Approval of courses should be sought before student visits.

LANGUAGE Credit will be given for college-completed language courses, regardless of the secondary level completed.

MATHEMATICS Credit will only be given for College Algebra and above.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Except for declared Kinesiology majors, credit will be given for only one (1) P.E.A. ACTIVITY course per term. Credit will not be given for repeated courses (except varsity sport) unless they represent advanced sections of the same activity. Transcript must clearly represent this.