1. Tutorial (94-194) is intended to provide structure and supervision for students seeking the opportunity to do work in legitimate or commonly taught academic areas not regularly offered at Westmont. The primary purpose of the tutorial courses is to provide program enrichment. They are not intended to function as an alternative method of satisfying graduation requirements.
  2. Regulations:
    1. Open to juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
    2. Open to first and second-year honor students (minimum 3.5 GPA).
    3. A maximum of 8 units may be applied toward the degree.
    4. No more than 4 units in any one term are permitted.
    5. Faculty tutorial load is limited to the lesser of three students or six units each semester. No additional remuneration is available.
    6. No work may be started until the student has completed registration.
    7. Credit adjustments may be made only up to the last day to register.
    8. Registration must be made within the normal time deadline.
    9. No incompletes may be given.
  3. Guidelines:
    1. The workload in a tutorial course should be at least on a par with a regular course in the major.
    2. A minimum of two conferences per unit is recommended; weekly conferences are preferred.
    3. Written work such as essays, project reports, organized notes, examinations, and problem-type exercises is to be required and graded
    4. All tutorials must be approved by the department chair. The chair is encouraged to exercise this authority to protect faculty, particularly junior faculty, from requests for tutorials to remedy the results of poor planning.
    5. Tutorials are strongly discouraged for courses offered during the current, previous or following terms.
    6. Lower division (94) or upper division (194) will be assigned according to the content of tutorial.
    7. A registration for tutorial will be permitted only when the student and faculty member are both available for regularly scheduled conferences.
    8. A registration for tutorial will be processed only when the student submits the signed application and study plan.