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Registration Procedures

1. Test your WebAdvisor login

2. Check for Registration Holds on WebAdvisor

  • Registration holds must be cleared before you will be allowed to register. Check periodically as your registration time approaches to ensure that you are cleared.

3. Your registration date and time may be found on WebAdvisor under "My Registration Time."

4. Do some initial schedule planning before you see your academic advisor. Plan for alternatives.

  • As you select courses, check to make sure you have satisfied any applicable prerequisites. In WebAdvisor Search for Sections you can click on the course title to view course prerequisites.
  • If you are considering attending Mayterm, you may also want to review the Mayterm course schedule on WebAdvisor before you select your courses.

5. Meet with your advisor.

  • You must be cleared on WebAdvisor by your academic advisor before you will be allowed to register.

6. Register online

  • Login to WebAdvisor at your assigned time or any time after your time until the published deadline.
  • If your registration time conflicts with a class or lab you are enrolled in, you may register any time after your scheduled registration time. Do not skip your class to register!
  • You must register for at least 12 units to be considered a full-time student.

7. View your Class Schedule on WebAdvisor to confirm your registration

8. Faculty overrides

  • If a class is closed, a course requires instructor's consent, or you haven't met the prerequisite but would like to add the class, you must go to the instructor to be added to the class.


If you are thinking about CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT or don’t know what it is, please read the following:

Concurrent Enrollment is enrollment for credit at another college or university or enrollment in an online course during any portion of fall or spring semester while you are enrolled at Westmont.  It does not apply during the summer.

Concurrent enrollment is NOT automatic.  You must file a petition requesting approval for concurrent enrollment BEFORE you enroll in a concurrent course.

Concurrent enrollment is only permitted for students who have a serious class scheduling problem (not a work or internship scheduling problem) such that the student is unable to enroll for the required Westmont course during the remainder of their time at Westmont—most commonly during their senior year.

Concurrent enrollment may also be approved for program enrichment—taking a course that is not offered at Westmont.

The student must file a petition justifying their request for approval of concurrent enrollment prior to enrolling in the concurrent course.

The student must be a full-time student—enrolled in a minimum of 12 units at Westmont.

The student’s total academic load (including the concurrent units) must not exceed the academic load permitted at Westmont.

If elective, GE, major or minor transfer credit is expected for the concurrent course, students must submit a pre-approval form to the Student Records Office along with the petition requesting approval for concurrent enrollment.