Decking the [Residence] Halls

All students are required to observe these very important safety precautions when decorating for Christmas:


State and county fire codes require that all live trees be fireproofed. This applies to all buildings on campus. Live trees must be purchased from a vendor who can treat and tag the tree and issue a fireproof certificate. Using a can of fire retardant spray will not meet the fire code. The vendor’s tag must remain on the tree and the certificate must be presented to your RD before the tree is taken into the building. Simply remember, "no tag? no tree."

All live trees must be removed from the residence halls prior to departing for Christmas Break.


Fire code allows for the temporary use of extension cords for Christmas decorations. However, a maximum of one extension cord may be used per outlet to avoid overloading electrical circuits. The fire code also states that no cords may go through doorways, ceiling panels, windows, across hallways, other traffic areas, or under any carpets or rugs. Outdoor lights may not be used indoors. No lights may be hung near water sources. Please also be sure to unplug all extension cords and lights before leaving for Christmas Break.


All decorations must be of a fire retardant material. Decorations (including lights) shall not be attached to the ceiling. Decorations are not to be placed on doors labeled as “fire doors” at any time and must not obstruct doorways, hallways, or exit signs in any way. Burning of candles or incense is not allowed in the residence halls.