Westmont, as a residential college, emphasizes the importance and centrality of community living. It is by living in close proximity that we are faced with values and issues that assist in forming our own identity and in understanding the role in society we ought to play.

Westmont is committed to fostering an environment that assists in the ongoing growth and development of students as maturing adults. Students need to grow in their knowledge and understanding of themselves; they need to learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way; they need to be challenged to develop and sustain fulfilling interpersonal relationships; they need support in learning how to continue in spiritual growth; and they need encouragement to explore the implications of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Several assumptions are associated with the value of residence hall living. First, an influential catalyst for change in a student’s college experience is peer influence. Peer group influence will make more of an impact on students’ lives in the area of lifestyle and self-image than any other group of people at Westmont. As a residence life staff member you have the opportunity to influence your peers and floor members in significant ways.

A second assumption is that residence hall living can be the strongest impetus to healthy personal growth or a most significant deterrent to growth. We are committed to making the residence halls challenging and healthy places to live. Students are encouraged to work together to meet needs, solve problems, and to actively participate in establishing priorities by which to meet their needs. They are assisted in this process by trained, full time Resident Directors in each residence hall and student Resident Assistants to serve as peer advisors.

A final assumption of life in the residence halls is that it offers unique opportunities for personal growth and development, which should become essential and integral parts of the students’ college experience. The fact that students spend over half their time in and around the residence hall makes it imperative that it be a healthy, stimulating environment. It is the commitment of individuals such as yourself, with a desire to serve in the lives of others through residence hall living, that makes the difference. People are the program…you can make the difference.