Welcome to the Office of Institutional Resilience

Keeping our resources applied to our mission — in the areas of
• Risk Management
• Emergency Management
• Compliance Management

Westmont is funded primarily by tuition and donations, both of which are often sacrificial. We don't want those precious resources spent on injuries, claims, lawsuits and other misfortunes. So our job in Institutional Resilience is to prevent and minimize these losses. We do so by establishing policies, procedures and other measures to help us keep bad things from happening—and to be ready to respond well when some of them inevitably do.

Thank you for your interest in how we manage the risks we face. And if you're interested in the convenience tools we created for ourselves and others and now make available to other schools, click the ReadyTracker logo:

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Troy Harris



Troy Harris
Asst VP for Institutional Resilience

Westmont Institutional Resilience