Ensenada Directions

Here are the ways to find your way. (Scroll down for more about each.)

  • MAPS.ME app
  • Paper routes & instructions
  • Video & audio recordings
General Maps & Routes
  • Tijuana Crossing: Southbound Route (pdf) & Video (mp4) & Northbound Route (17.1 MB pdf) & Video (mp4)
    • For those who want a little extra help on the Northbound crossing:
  • Otay Crossing: Route (pdf), southbound Video (mp4) & northbound Video (mp4)
  • Quick-tour Video crossing town from the Ensenada tollbooth to RAV (mp4)

We recommend that if possible everyone take along a portable copy of this video showing the way from a major landmark to the emergency gathering place at Gran Comision.
Every participant will be given written instructions for finding this location.


MAPS.ME is an app (iOS and Android versions) that allows users to download offline maps and bookmarks, and then use navigation to get to various sites from your "current location." Follow these instructions to download the app and maps to your smartphone. Even if you do not have a data plan that includes Mexico, the app will still work and provide navigation through your phone's GPS system!

Download the 2017 ministry sites here.

You may also wish to download the Ensenada community resources here. This includes trusted taco stands, medical facilities, locksmith, tire repair, and so on.


We camp at RAV (Rancho Agua Viva) and from there we use route sheets, audio recordings, and videos to guide you to your ministry site/s--hence, RAVrav's.

Download routes, audios or videos that you may find helpful. If you have an iPhone, video iPod or other handheld mp4 player, you can carry the mp4 video with you. If you don't have video and need access to an audio only file, please email riskasst@westmont.edu. We will do our best to create one for you, but please note that if you email us last minute, it is likely we will not receive your request in time.

Whether you take your entertainment device or not we suggest you watch the video a couple of times from the comfort of home. (Non-student participants should print out the route sheet to carry along. Student team leaders (and drivers for the Sports & Med/Dent teams since there are multiple cars in their caravans) will be provided with the PDF routes below to their sites.)

Project Videos

These files are for Potter's Clay in the Spring of 2018.

Route (pdf) files will open in Adobe Acrobat. (~150-350Kb)
Video (mp4) files may open in QuickTime or iTunes. (~10-30Mb)
To place file in preferred location for copying to your portable device,
right click the link and SaveLinkAs.

PC18 RAVrav's
C=Construction; M=Med/Dent; S=Sports; V=VBS -
Leaders - MapGrid

Construction: All sites are on the Maps.me download.

C1 - Angel Solares Home

This location is very challenging to find, so check the video.




Emergency Gathering Place

Iglesia Gran Comision Adobe PDF Quicktime Movie

V02p - Monte De Sion

This location has multiple turns so we're keeping its video available.

Adobe PDF Quicktime Movie

Remember, things change "on the ground" down there: new stoplights; construction detours, etc. The maps are provided AS-IS. They're known to contain imperfections, but we believe that overall they can be helpful to you. We're eager to get your feedback (questions, problems, corrections, kudos).

Click here to email your comments to the Risk Assistant. Although we'll make every effort to fix problems or reply to any feedback prior to departure, we regret that we may be unable to do so. Please forgive us if we've spelled your name wrong.

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Levi Bagdanov, Jean-Marc Apalategui, Lauren Cano, Greg Smith, Hani AbuGazaleh, Landon Strine, Matt Jones, James Miekle, Tina Coleman, Damian Durruty, Erin Hahn, Austin Harris and Leah Heher, plus the core teams of recent years, who have supported this project in numerous ways.