Tea Fire - Project Codes

Use the following codes for charging items to the fire insurance account (11-00000-11238). See examples to help determine which code to use. If in doubt, please contact Troy for guidance.

TFA = Admin/general/overhead

  • Services (consulting; claims management; project management; etc)
  • Only if not chargeable to another specific project
  • Employee mileage (destination/distance/purpose)
  • FEMA costs and credits

TFB = Bookstore basement

  • Replacement inventory
  • Rental of temporary storage facility

TFC = Clark halls (nonspecific)

  • Anything in Clark not chargeable to a specific building

TFD = custoDial

  • Interstate cleaning invoices
  • Replacement supplies not attributable to cleaning a specific coded building

TFE = Events

  • Replacement of items lost in Quonset hut/s

TFF = clark F

  • Demolition / design / rebuild

TFG = clark G

  • Repair of fire damage

TFH = pHysics

  • Demolition
  • Replacement of college-owned goods

TFI = Infrastructure/utility (if not for specific building)

  • Restoration of power; gas; phone service; internet access

TFJ = John page hall

  • Repair of fire damage

TFK = TeKnology

  • Replacement of computerized equipment regardless of location
  • Not computers owned by individuals; those charged to personal effects (X)

TFL = Landscape/outdoor fixtures

  • Lighting
  • Above-ground irrigation
  • Benches; fences; bridge

TFM = clark M

  • Demolition / design / rebuild

TFN = alumNi

  • Replacement of college-owned goods

TFO = Old math bldg (authorized use only)

TFP = Payroll (authorized use only)

TFQ = Quonset huts

  • Replacement of college-owned goods

TFR = aRt

  • Replacement of college-owned goods
  • Repair of statue

TFS = clark S

  • Demolition / design / rebuild

TFT = Temporary functions & facilities

  • Portable classrooms, offices and residence facilities
  • Rental spaces for offsite meetings due to campus being unavailable
  • Revisions to Clark B to make it conform to Clark F

TFU = sUspense (authorized use only)

TFW = Las Barrancas (authorized use only)

  • Items the college may advance in anticipation of refund from the LB Allstate policy

TFX = personal effeX

  • Replacement of articles owned by individuals; not college property

TFY=psYchology/bauder hall

  • Demolition
  • Replacement of college-owned goods

TFZ = other

  • No other project code aptly applies
  • Business interruption losses