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Seasonal Concern: Wildfire

Should you be prepared? APP-solutely!

How to stay updated during emergency situations

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Seasonal Concern: Wildfire



If you’ve been around Westmont long enough, you’ll know that wildfires are something we like to keep reminding you to be prepared for -- even well into autumn. But there ARE reasons.┬áLike this. Or this. Or this. So whether you’ve just started working at Westmont or have been around since before this year’s graduating class was even born, please take the time to review our emergency information, also found on the bottom of every Westmont page!

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Should you be prepared? APP-solutely!

Here are a few FREE and PRACTICAL apps to help you and your family be more prepared should a natural disaster occur:


American Red Cross Apps - A number of preparedness apps including First Aid, Floods, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Volunteer, and Shelter Finder. The apps include interactive videos, quizzes, and simple step-by-stop adivce. They also include customizable warning indicators.



FEMA - Thanks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you can receive alerts from the National Weather Service, get safety tips, locate open shelters, and upload and share your disaster photos to help first responders - all through one app!


Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert - You can also receive alerts about disasters from around the world and gather additional information about various hazards.




ICE Standard ER - This app lets you put your health info and emergency medical contacts on your phone's lock screen and wallpaper. That way, if you're in an accident, EMTs and first responders can find your health info as soon as they turn on your phone.



Bonus App: Dropcountr - This app helps you make small, everyday changes that add up to a lot of water and moneysaved, all for free! It'll help you be both economical and environmentally friendly!


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How To Stay Updated During Emergency Situations

1. Make sure your emergency contact info is current in the Westmont directory. We send out notifications through cell & work phones, email, and text! Here's how.

2. Have one of your radio stations in your car present to AM 1610. This is the frequency that the Montecito Fire Emergency Broadcast station updates when information becomes available.

3. Sign up for Santa Barbara's Aware and Prepare to receive local emergency alerts.

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Let Us Know!

What do you want read in We*Ready emails? Are there other emergency related topics that you've been curious that we haven't addressed? Let us know by emailing us at riskasst@westmont.edu, or calling at x6201.

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