Surplus Disposition

Updated 2/19/2016

Westmont College Surplus Disposition Policy
per the Executive Team

To ensure that college property or its residual value is used for college purposes, departments seeking to have surplus items removed from their offices or other areas (including, but not limited to, college furniture, computers & electronics, artwork, and so on), should contact the Office of Procurement for a determination how their surplus will be handled.

The following are not permitted:

* Removal of college property from campus without authorization from the Office of Procurement.

* Offering to sell or give surplus items to any outside party. The college requires that this be done through the formal Surplus Disposition process.

* Transferring any major furnishings, artwork, or items of significant value from one location to another without informing Campus Planning or Procurement (or the Art Dept. for artwork). The college has aesthetic design standards which may be violated by an unapproved move, and certain inventories must be tracked.

* Dumping items that may have residual value in trash dumpsters or at any of the storage areas without authorization from the Office of Procurement, who will determine whether the items have residual value or should be discarded, as well as ensure that certain types of items are not disposed of in an illegal fashion.

* Leaving items outdoors prior to a scheduled move day, unless approved by the Office of Procurement. Weather may damage an item that otherwise had residual value.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Surplus Procedure

Low value surplus (ex: binders, in-trays, etc.) can be offered by departments to other departments (please note "for college use" in communications).

Otherwise, enter an Upkeep Work Order to start the process of surplus disposition. Use the "Furniture" category, and provide as much detail about the location of the item. Multiple items can be listed for the same location, but please enter separate Work Orders for different locations/rooms in a building.

* Items that stay in your location until disposed incur no moving fees, and your department realizes any revenue from sales made by Surplus Disposition.
* If the item needs to be removed from your area, moving charges will apply, and sales revenue is forfeited which instead funds other moving with no ready funding source.
* When another department takes an item being moved, the department disposing the item is assessed the moving fee.


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