Surplus Disposition & Moving Procedure

Updated 12/04/2017

Low value surplus (ex: binders, in-trays, etc.) can be offered by departments to other departments (please note "for college use" in communications).

For moving, reconfiguring furniture, or removing surplus - when not being handled by the Trades Dept., enter an Upkeep Work Order. Please be sure to use the "Procurement/Surplus" category, and provide as much detail about the location of the item. Multiple items can be listed for the same location, but please enter separate Work Orders for different locations/rooms in a building and note those locations in detail where prompted by the form.

You can also use an Upkeep Work Order to inquire if we have something you need. By logging your need in this way, you can leave the request in as long as you want to and it will remain as a reminder to us. Please note the location where you would want the item to be delivered.

When your department will be charged for services:
* If the item needs to be removed from your area, moving charges will apply. Sales revenue is then forfeited and used for other moving with no ready funding source.
* When another department takes an item being moved, the department disposing the item is assessed the moving fee.
* When furniture is being recongigured within your department, fees will apply.

When your department will not be charged for services:
* Items that stay in your location until sold by Surplus Disposition incur no moving fees, and your department receives the revenue.