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Welcome to Telecom's newest webpage! Here you'll find all the newest updates and modifications. Please bookmark this site for easy access in the future!

Voicemail Status Feature

Going on vacation and need help setting your status? Click this link for instructions!

New 'Really Quick Reference'

We have published a new “Really Quick Reference” PDF with suggested shortcuts and commonly used key presses. We went back to the drawing board for this one and removed the confusing flow-chart diagrams. View and print your copy here

Key Ahead

Do you know that it is not necessary to listen to the entire system prompt before making a selection? We call this “Key Ahead” and when you know the key sequence to get to where you are going you can press, press, press away – the system prompts might sound delayed, but they will catch up to you.

Here are some significant changes we made in the menu options for WHILE you are listening to messages:

Reply Shortcut

We are really excited to introduce this one! It resolves the ridiculous number of key presses that were required in order to reply to a voice message. Now, you can simply press 5-# either during or after listening to a message and you will be taken straight to the “Please leave a message after the tone…” system prompt. (Hint: Press 5-#-# and you'll go right to the beep.)

Increase Playback Volume

Press the 6 key during message playback and the volume will increase a bit with each key press. (Sorry, there is no option to decrease the volume, but that is less of a problem.)


Press the 8 key to go back about six seconds in a message.

Fast Forward

Press the 9 key to skip ahead about six seconds in a message.

Please contact Chris Atkinson or Keith Harris if you have questions about the changes in Voice Mail. For problems, please submit a TechMate.