Setting Your Status

Your status allows you to configure how you want your interactions handled. You can change your status from the Online Voicemail home page by following these steps:

* Some features may not be available to all users. If you have questions, contact Telecommunications.

To set your status from Online Voicemail

  1. Navigate to  Login using your User ID and password. 
  2. Click the arrow at the end of the Your status is drop down list and choose your status.

Setting your status and specifying a return date and time:

Some statuses let you specify an end date and/or time. The following table lists the status name and whether or not you can configure date, time, or both for each status:





At Lunch


Away from desk

Do Not Disturb

Gone Home

In a Meeting



On Vacation


Out of the Office



Out of Town



Working at Home

To set your status and set an end date or time for your status:

  1. Choose a time relevant status from the drop down list. The Until button appears.
  2. Click Until. The Status Until Settings dialog appears.
  3. If available, place a checkmark in the Has Time checkbox and enter the return time in the Has Time field by typing in the time or using the drop down arrow to select a time.
  4. If available, place a checkmark in the Has Date checkbox and enter the date or use the calendar to select a return date.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Callers who reach your mailbox will hear your name prompt (if set), and your Status followed by the Until information you entered.