AT&T Services

International Travel

Click here for useful tips when taking your iPhone oversees, and contact John Garrison for assistance with adding special travel plans to your line, such as AT&T Passport.

AT&T Purchasing Options

For information on the iPhones that are available to Westmont employees, view our pricing guide. Phone information and prices are current as of February 25th, 2016. Prices are subject to change at any time. Contact John Garrison (x6808) for current pricing and availability.

AT&T Accessories List

For iPhone protection hardware and other accessories, please view these options available through AT&T. You may also purchase accessories for your phone from the nearest AT&T store or other online vendor, such as Apple. The Telecommunications department is not responsible for the ordering or refunding of any accessories you may purchase. Reimbursement for accessories is by department discretion. If you have questions about acquiring accessories for your phone, please talk to your department finance manager.