Cell Phone Safety while Driving

As of July 1st, 2008, it is illegal in California to use a cell phone while driving unless a hands free device is used.

Of course, the college always expects its employees to abide by the law.  But given the impetus for this new law, the Executive Team also wants to take this opportunity to encourage responsible decision making about the use of cell phones while driving. 

Even if you have a hands free device for your cell phone, please consider the following before taking or making a call while driving:

  • Do I need to take or make this call?
  • If so, would it be unsafe to take or make the call in light of current weather, traffic and other travel conditions?
  • Can I return or make the call once I pull over, or once travel conditions are better?

Your safety is important to us, as is the safety of those around you.  Whether or not you are using a cell phone for college business while driving, please put safety first!

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