PEA 041 Health and Fitness in the City (1 Unit)




This course is designed to help Westmont in San Francisco students stay active and healthy while offering opportunities to explore the landscapes, streetscapes & local opportunities for indoor physical activities throughout the City.  Involvement in this course will give students practice in exploring new urban spaces, in minimizing your impact on resources, and in discovering how some forms of exercise can help navigate the stress of urban living. 

This PE course will also involve learning about local neighborhoods and doing site visits requiring a fair bit of walking, more than you might do in your ordinary activities on campus, which may also require some planned time management.  Perhaps less obviously, but more importantly, the intent of these types of physical activities are integral to the WSF program focus on difference, diversity, sustainability and taking responsibility for one’s own life and learning--i.e. becoming aware of how walking or cycling, instead of driving, engages the practice of using fewer of the resources that are often at the root of social-global inequality; how exercise not only relieves stress in healthy and productive ways but can also draw one away from a reliance on consumerist practices that further complicate social inequality and marginalization; how getting outdoors contributes to feelings of well being and connectedness that ready us as people of faith to more enthusiastically engage the world and its inhabitants. This course will also allow for regular opportunities to enjoy the company of others and discovering possibilities for bonding and shared interests.