Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation


Course Description:
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminar guides students through successful strategies for developing breakthrough products and services. San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are on the leading edge of entrepreneurship in the world. Through weekly classes and concurrent research lab involvements this seminar is designed to advance the entrepreneurial mindset of students by connecting with the brightest minds in the region. 

Twice each week the students will meet for a 90-minute class session. The curriculum will make use of dynamic faculty lectures, classroom discussions, and small group activities. 

Each student will also undertake a substantial research lab project that exposes them to real-world business challenges that confront new ventures and initiatives within the San Francisco/Silicon Valley context.

Through these involvements students will examine operational challenges and innovation opportunities from a range of business leaders and investors in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Participants will leave the course inspired to think like innovators who can lead companies in the future with creativity and managerial discipline.