RS XXX: The Urban Church (4 units)

Urban church

This course is an upper division RS elective. The number is still yet to be assinged by the Registrar.


This 4 unit RS course will explore the components of a missional ecclesiology for the city, with implications for preaching, worship, spiritual formation, and discipleship. The urban church’s involvement in social justice, faith and work, church planting, and other important opportunities for engagement will be explored. The urban environments of North America will be the cultural context for this course. Special attention will be given to the San Francisco Bay Area with its long history of entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and social justice efforts. With particular emphasis on the relationship between Christianity and culture throughout the course, we will explore how cities work and what leads to their flourishing in order to envision practices of faithful cultural engagement.

Other fun facts:

Taught by Peter Choi, Ph.D.

Peter Choi is Director of Academic Programs at Newbigin House of Studies and Pastor of Spiritual Theology at City Church San Francisco. He has taught history of Christianity courses at Calvin Theological Seminary and the University of Notre Dame and urban ministry courses at Western Theological Seminary. Prior to that,he served for seven years as a campus minister and church planter in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A historian of eighteenth century North America, Peter’s areas of specialization include transatlantic revival religion, earlyevangelicalism, and world Christianity.