Community Living

Westmont in San Francisco strives to create space for thriving community among students and staff. Commmunity is built upon others-centered practices. It flourishes in a place where love for God and neighbor is cultivated and nurtured. It grows strong when members practice integrity and forgiveness, strive to live in reconciled relationships, and accept responsibility for their actions and words.

Living closely with a group of students presents unique challenges and opportunities. Students share housing, meals, classes, public transportation, and the joys and struggles of daily life in the city. These common experiences allow students to build close relationships and learn from one another in a nurturing environment.

Besides classtime, students and staff meet as a group twice per week. At Community Dinner, student pairs rotate to cook for the entire group. Community Worship is a student-led time focused on spiritual development, honoring spiritual discipline and honest conversation. Throughout the semester there are group events both in-house and throughout the city. Group events include attending professional musicals, Giants games, and other special events.

In addition to group activities, all faculty and staff are available for "duos" - an opportunity for students to develop relationships with a faculty/staff member. Duos usually take place at one of the neighborhood's coffee shops or restaurants, allowing the student to talk through their experience at WSF. The live-in Resident Director is available for both formal and informal meetings, deepening relationships and extending continued support.

For students seeking additional support through professional counseling, WSF can make referrals to partnering organizations within the city. Similar to on-campus counseling services, WSF will subsidize the cost for students.