Student Internships

The Urban Practicum course engages students in a highly structured internship focused on vocational and professional growth.

How Do I Find an Internship?

At the beginning of the semester, students prepare for their internship search through various training sessions with Career Development & Calling staff. These sessions are designed to equip students with job search skills such as resume-writing and interviewing.  Students find this training to be helpful for their internship search as well as professional endeavors after college.  Students also meet with faculty to identify possible internship placements in San Francisco, and may interview with internship sites known and unknown to the program.  Each student is expected to complete three interviews at various placement sites before choosing a placement site.

Start the search!

Westmont in San Francisco has placed students at over 250 internship sites over its 40 year history and has a long-standing history with a variety of private, government, and nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area. Students are welcome to pursue internships at new placement sites, with faculty guidance. Internship opportunities are available for students of all majors.

Please see the links below for examples of former internship sites:

Art / Art Education
Business / Social Enterprise / Technology
Children / Youth / Family Services
Culinary Arts / Food Systems / Sustainability
Event Planning
Human trafficking / Human Rights / Immigration
International Relations / Development
Kinesiology / Physical Therapy
Law / Legal Services
Publishing / Journalism / New Media
Social Services / Community Development
Sports / Sports Management
Teaching / Education
Television / Radio / Film
Theater / Theater Arts
Urban Ministry / Mission / Chaplaincy
Urban Planning / City Government / Economic Development

Please see the links below for internet search engines that may be helpful in finding an internship in San Francisco:


Craigslist Bay Area


Internship Programs

SF Bay Area Progressive Directory


JOB SPOT (as used by the Office of Career Development and Calling)

Business, Law and Government

San Francisco Social Services

Bay Area Information Center

Bay Area Society for Television, Advertising, and Radio